Breeding and Foaling Services
We provide quality mare care at an affordable rate and offer the following services for your mare during her stay:
* Foaling out $300 plus board at $15 a day

Mares are monitored around the clock in safe, heavily bedded foaling stalls and will receive individualized care as per the owners preferences and specifications.  Our services include monitoring of the mare, foaling intervention when required and all necessary neonatal proceedures to ensure that your foal is born healthy and remains that way. Once the new born arrives we will treat the umbilical stump, check to make sure the foal is nursing well and wait to see that the foal is defecating and urinating normally. We will use an enema on the foal if needed and will monitor your foal the first 24 hours for colostrum intake.  The foal will receive a tetanus anti-toxin shot, and an e-coli antiserum orally.  Basic halter, lead and leg handling training is also included.  

We will schedule an exam with our veterinarian to check your foal within the first 12 hours of life at owner's request and expense.

*Any mares shipping in for foaling out must ship in a min of 2 weeks prior to foaling to ensure that the mare

has fully adjusted to the new environment in advance to foaling.

**Space is limited so please book ahead!

* Ultrasounds $40

We can check your mare by ultrasound for follicle development, ovulation, and early pregnancy detection.  Use of ultrasound plays an important role in quality reproduction management.

* Artificial Insemination $300
If you are shipping semen in from an out of area stallion we can monitor your mare by ultrasound, request the shipment, evaluate the semen when it arrives and artificially inseminate your mare.  Boarding is $14 a day and there may be other drug costs involved.